BARTERUNIT 101: A Brief Introduction to the New Community Currency Transforming Purchasing and Trading Power


Phillip H. Perez is the Founder and CEO of BarterUnit LLC. His business partner and longtime good friend, Timothy W. White is President of the BarterUnit establishment. Together they strive to help produce economic growth in communities and to help people live better lives every single day.  

What began as a conversation between Perez and White, about political corruption, corporate greed, and government intervention, leading to the repercussions of a failing economy and extreme poverty, has resulted in the launch of a community currency – called the Barter Unit. 

BarterUnit LLC, an American startup, has officially announced it has launched a community currency, primarily as an anti-poverty measure and as an alternative exchange mechanism independent of conventional money. The Barter Unit is developed to be the closest digital equivalent of physical cash without the attachment of capital constraints. 

“The Barter Unit is designed to run parallel with all government-sponsored currencies, to supplement the scarcity of the official currency. The barter unit provides its participants with alternative purchasing power than they would otherwise have with conventional money. It’s essentially an alternative source of capital to help people with their basic necessities and aspirations that are unfortunately unmet by government-sponsored currencies,” says Perez.

What is the BarterUnit?

BarterUnit is a digital wallet app with a radical vision: to change the status quo meaning of money and to reduce poverty and social exclusion that are caused and sustained by government-sponsored currencies, all while creating and sustaining economic growth and community spirit. 

So, how does it work?

You download the free app onto your phone, from then on you can post and trade your goods, services and unwanted items in exchange for other items and/or barter units. You then can use these obtained Barter Units to buy or trade goods, services, and unwanted items from other BarterUnit members, using the embedded barter-exchange marketplace.

The unique ‘trade board’ tool enables its users to easily make offers in real-time. Furthermore, if the goods, services and unwanted being traded are not of equal value, users may include additional goods, services, unwanted items AND barter units in their offer to cover any possible value difference that may arise in a bartering process.

“Each barter unit is valued at $1 U.S. dollar. For example, if you obtain 20 barter units, then you would have a $20 value in barter units to trade or make purchases with other BarterUnit members. We currently have over 1 million barter units in circulation and the number is growing expeditiously. If you equate that in terms of dollar value, that’s a circulation valued at over $1 million U.S. dollars,” says Perez.

Additionally, everyone who registers automatically receives the following vital components; a profile, to monitor your content, a digital wallet to monitor the amount of Barter Units you obtain and a unique QR code to easily transfer Barter Units in real-time.

“We have created a community currency with an embedded marketplace, allowing users to trade their goods, services and unwanted items in a safe and user-friendly environment. It’s our very own closed-looped economy that enables the user to create and control their own digital currency, all while providing economic security and freedom for all participants,” says White.

The app is fully functional and available worldwide in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Perez is currently in the process of ‘Phase 2 Development’ which will consist of enhancing the existing features. ‘Phase 3 Development’ we were told is a surprise, a surprise that will enable users to retrieve Barter Units easily through pro-active community involvement.


So, what do we know about BarterUnit LLC?

  • Phillip H. Perez is the Founder and CEO of BarterUnit LLC.
  • It’s a community currency with an embedded barter-exchange marketplace.
  • Its primarily designed to be an Anti-Poverty Program.
  • The Barter Unit is a digital currency.
  • Each Barter Unit is equivalent to $1 U.S. dollar.
  • The Barter Unit is designed to run parallel with all government-sponsored currencies as a supplement program.
  • And, there are currently over 1 million barter units in circulation.

How does one benefit from using the BarterUnit System?

  • If you participate, you become part of the economic revolution – a community system that provides alternative purchasing and trading power.
  • It provides economic security and freedom.

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