Attic Space begins operations in Hyderabad


After a successful run in Bangalore, the customized office space provider is now in Hyderabad

Attic Space has opened its doors to Hyderabad. The customized workspace provider will now offer its services to  start-ups, SME and enterprises comprising of 50 to 250 employees in the city. The brand, which hails from Bangalore and has over 13 offices over the city, is known for being an attractive option for budding companies in the market. 

Started in 2018 by Chandrashekar Rao, the idea for Attic Space originated from the insight that freelancers and start-ups kept shuffling from café to café looking for a space to work. It was with this insight that Rao decided to create fully serviced office spaces for up and coming start-ups. And his passion along with a brilliant insight and a host of customizable services was a roaring hit. Within a year Attic Space had over 8 offices in Bangalore and the numbers have now shot to over 13.Today, Attic Space has built swanky offices for companies like Routematic, Rippling CCO Crane and more and is adding more to its portfolio each day. 

The top reason for the rise of Attic Space has been the fact that it offers a complete package instead of just rental space. Moreover, every facility is at a prime location, including the recently unveiled one in Hyderabad, and has easy access to public transport. 

They start off by letting their clients choose the place they’d like to rent. Then, Attic Space will let the clients customize the interior of their office and design it according to the enterprise’s ethos. From the décor on the sofas to house seating, the brand takes care of everything for their clients, thereby, being one of the most customer-friendly working space providers in India. 

The workspace creator even incorporates the tiny luxuries that are akin to major corporate business parks. Every work space created by Attic Space comes with a stocked pantry, IT-support, maintenance support and more. All these provisions along with a customised rented space at an affordable price on short-term and long-term basis have been a boon to start-ups in Bangalore. 

And now the company has ventured out of Bangalore and begun operations in Hyderabad. It has opened its doors to offer its state-of-the-art office spaces to those looking for an affordable yet luxurious and all-encompassing office space in the city. Check out Attic Hitech, Fully Customized Office Space in Hyderabad

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