Assisted Living Facilities – Just Not Home

There will come a time in all of our lives when our functionality with decrease and it will become important to have assistance to do the tasks that create meaning and fulfillment in our lives. Assisted living facilities are a viable option for when this time of life comes. Assisted living provides many comforts, attention, and assistance with the things that you love most. If you’ve ever looked into an assisted living facility, you’ve probably heard this all before. There’s one factor that many people find it hard to let go of when making the decision to live in assisted living: regardless of how warm and comfortable the environment is, it’s just not home. Home is where you raised your children and associated with your loved ones. Home is where your favorite memories were made. How are you supposed to leave that behind when choosing to move to a Logan assisted living facility? Trust me, we’re not trying to replace your home. Anything that meaningful and memory-filled is truly irreplicable. However, sometimes the switch needs to be made regardless of how painful it may be. Here are some tips on how to help make your transition to an assisted living facility, feel more like home.

Personalize Your Room

The transition to any new living area can be a little painful because of how unfamiliar it is. To help the transition be less unfamiliar, you can bring along familiar and sentimental items to help decorate your living space. Do you have a couch that holds meaning to you? Pictures or paintings that you loved to look at in your old home? Perhaps a favorite bedspread, pillow, or curtain? All these things have the potential to be moved to your new living space to help it feel less foreign. If it is possible, arrange to have some of your things moved in and set up before move-in day. This can help your new living area feel more like home from the beginning, and help you retain some sense of familiarity during this big transition in your life.

Build Relationships

Sometimes the things that help a place feel like home aren’t the material items, but rather the people you are surrounded by. Often, people have the mindset that family and friends create a feeling of home. Where your family and old friends will have the opportunity to visit you, Logan assisted living also provides a fantastic opportunity to meet new people who are in similar circumstances and life stages as you are. This environment can help foster new friendships that can help your new living space feel more like home. Chatting with the staff can also help you feel more at home by coming to know the people you will be interacting with on a daily basis, and helping them feel less like strangers. Getting involved in the activities offered in the Logan assisted living facilities can also help you have opportunities to meet new people and gain new friendships.

Just Not Home

We won’t argue with the fact that assisted living probably won’t feel like your old home. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be a wonderful change for you as you journey to find how to create a new home in this stage of your life. There are many things that you can do to help create a home-like environment that will help you have a meaningful experience in assisted living.