Andreas Vezonik: Young and successful Entrepreneur Buzzing high in Europe with his Transfera App and VolumeX


How to become a successful Entrepreneur in this competitive world? We are living in a world where competition is at its peak everyone hustling around to make it big some are expressing better earning prominence and setting examples of how to become a successful Entrepreneur.

Andreas Vezonik 23-year-old Budding young and dynamic entrepreneur from Austria is buzzing in Europe because of his two ventures VolumeX and Transfera.

Andreas is working on things which is the essential thing in the market. He has done proper research before starting his two ventures. 

Andreas Vezonik started Networking Marketing when he was only 17. First, he worked for Health Products companies then shifted to banking and finance.

He hustled around for two years in the market and connected with more than 25,000 customers in the European Market. At that time, he touched the magic figure of 25,000,000$ in sales. Because of his experience, he learned how to talk with people, how to communicate and explain business and all.

We all know if you want to succeed as a businessman, you have to be an excellent Communicator who can explain your own product better to the public. 

With his, VolumeX has connected with more than 15,000 customers in 35 different countries, and they are now expanding faster than other ones in the market.

Once he succeeded with his first venture and settled that business, he jumped into the second venture called Transfer app. He is the founder CEO and Supervisor of Transfera App. 

Andreas, this company is one of the first European Regulated Entity Providing Cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services, issuing the master card, Debit Cards and IBAN accounts. They have given all in one facility to his clients. Means one login and you can use all the features. 

Andreas Vezonik is a hustler who knows how to grow in a competitive market. He has already started well as a young Entrepreneur now we can expect him to be the topmost Business tycoon in the coming years of Austria and Europe.

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