An exclusive interview with marketing expert Nafez Husseini

Instagram marketing is a booming industry that grows bigger with every post that earns a coveted heart and a new follower. Digital marketing has truly taken the crown in its succession over print advertising and digital marketing companies like WEBFX and The Trade Desk have been rolling in the riches. Now there is a new contender that has been igniting the world of digital marketing; Nafez Husseni. Husseni is the president of Authority Media,a marketing company that is now renowned for its ability to grow companies’ audiences exponentially using targeted marketing and advertising campaigns. We had the chance to talk to him in our exclusive interview below;

Q1. Why do you think marketing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is so successful?

I think that it is successful because it’s an incredibly organic and integrated way to reach out to a customer base.

Q2. How do you think the evolution of social media marketing has influenced the practice of integrated marketing?

I think that integrated marketing has reached its full potential in being combined with social media. Integrated marketing aims to streamline the marketing experience for potential customers and the advent of social media has created the perfect tool with which to do it.

Q3. Marketing through the use of Instagram stories is currently trending, what is your take on its success?

I think that engagement is key in building a connection between a brand and a potential customer. Knowing that you can only have access to certain brand information if you are a brand’s Instagram follower and staying up to date on their story content,is the perfect way to encourage engagement.

Q4. Why do you think video marketing is currently flourishing?

I think that video marketing has proven to be so successful in this digital age because it is highly shareable content. Peer to peer video sharing has become a daily means of communication between people online. If a brand can create a viral video, the marketing opportunities become endless.

Q5 What do you believe will be the biggest trend in digital marketing in 2021?

I think that we are going to see a huge upsurge in the use of visual searches and image inclusive SEO. By including target SEO keywords in the file name of an image,companies will see a huge increase in traffic to their site.