Alex Trebek: Jeopardy – game show host dies with cancer aged 80

The game show and its host, Alex Trebek, have given some steady delight amidst much insecurity this previous year.

Trebek passed on Sunday at 80 years old after a fight with pancreatic disease.

In spite of being sick, the long-term have kept on chipping away at his hit test show and as of late delighted in an uncommon night in which returning victor Kevin Walsh wound up responding to the last inquiry solo after the other two contenders wound up with either a deficiency or zero equilibrium.

Here are some other critical minutes from the show:

Clean-shaven Trebek

At the point when Trebek appeared as host of “Peril!” in 1984, he brandished a solid mustache.

It turned into his unmistakable look. Watchers were stunned he shaved it off in 2001, giving him a more energetic appearance.

He went to and fro throughout the years with mustache and without, before at last choosing a clean-shaven look the previous barely any years.

In 2018, Trebek reported on Twitter that his significant other “casted a ballot” for him to abandon his facial hair. So that settled it.

Blending it up with a sister show

For April’s Fool Day in 1997, Trebek exchanged spots with “Wheel of Fortune” have Pat Sajak.

What followed was… unique.

The two games shows – and their hosts – have been cherished for quite a long time, so watchers made due.

The Ken Jennings streak

There may have never been more fervor encompassing the opposition than in 2014, when hopeful Ken Jennings dominated 74 matches consecutive, the longest streak in “Risk!” history.

The product engineer didn’t do excessively pitiful in the rewards division either, getting back $3,370,700.

Jennings would proceed to turn into a creator just as the champ of “Danger! The Greatest of All Time,” unique competition.

He caught the amazing prize of $1 million as champion.

Indicated him the cash

James Holzhauer excited watchers in 2019, when he impacted the world forever establishing the precedent for the biggest single-game rewards at $131,127.

He proceeded to appreciate a 32 sequential game series of wins and won one of the “Competition of Champions” specials.

Be that as it may, it’s competitor Brad Rutter who is praised as one of the greatest cash champs ever on the show.

Because of his different appearances on the establishment, including a $2.1 million win during one of “Competition of Champions,” Rutter has acquired more than $5 million from the show.

Three – way tie

Educator Scott Weiss made a genuine snapshot of sportsmanship in 2007. He organized his last bet so that on the off chance that he and his two individual hopefuls would all have $16,000 if everybody addressed the last inquiry effectively.

They did and it prompted the show’s first historically speaking three-way tie not including nothing.