According To Koch Media CEO, More On The New Saints Row Game Will Be Revealed Next Year


There is an unlimited number of games that enjoy the design known as a great open sandbox. Among these, most probably the most iconic is the Grand Theft Auto however the Saints Row series is not lesser behind than them. Just like GTA, the game under the Saints Row franchise enjoys a non-linear story along with a progression system. You are allowed to go around doing whatever you feel like. It is the same whether it building up a gang or racing.

Saints Row 4 was the last installment in the series. It came out in 2013 followed by a major expansion in the year 2015. Fans have been waiting for new on some continuation form in 2019 as well. This specific news was received in August 2019. So far the above stated are the details that have been revealed until recently when Koch Media’s CEO KlemensKundratitz shared about the game that it is at the beginning of the developmental stage.

Yes, this is very right, Saints Row 5 is in the developmental stage. According to Klemens, more details will be shared after some time in the upcoming year. Though the year is about to end, so we can say that we will have to wait for a little linger in order to receive information and reveals on the particular anticipated release.

Klemens shared that this game is a passion project for him as well as his team. They are willing to do it right by the fans even when it means keeping them in the dark until and unless all the details have been brought to perfection. No doubt this extended wait is not what fans of the said series wanted, however, it is indeed a good thing. It shows they are taking the said project seriously. They are putting in efforts to enhance the aspects of visuals and gameplay.

The developer is working on the project named Volition. The team is group of past creators who have worked on the earlier Saints Row games. Looking at the past experience is indeed a good sign particularly if you are one of the gamers who have enjoyed the iterations of the Saints Row franchise over the years.

Volition has the chance to do several incredible things. For instance, the open sandbox designs can be made even more massive. This in turn would give rise to more content and mayhem to get into. Who knows about the kind of vehicles, branching plots, and character customizations that will be appearing in Saints Row 5?

Following all the above-stated information, according To Koch Media CEO, More On The New Saints Row Game Will Be Revealed Next Year and we will have to wait for a little more time. Still we are in the dark about many details about the game but it is reassuring to know that things are on the right track. Moreover, it gives great feeling seeing Volition treating the game with care. This may end up leading to one of the best Saints Row game. We will find everything in the year 2020.

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