Abhishek Goswami a travel freak, digital entrepreneur, crypto expert and Fitness Model: Too many Eggs kept perfectly in one Basket || The Unstoppable Magazine ||

This contemporary world has become tough, thanks to the fierce competition that keeps people on the toe. Hence it is not an unusual story though to see people trying too many things at the same time becoming a multitasker. We see many people trying multiple things together becoming multitaskers. So, the old axiom, jack of all, master of none seems to have become obsolete at the moment, as people have proved that they can be multitaskers. One such soul is Agra based young man called Abhishek Goswami. 

He was born on 31st May 1999 and in his 21 years in this mortal world, he has proved with so many things in his profile. He is a digital entrepreneur, cryptocurrency expert, a video creator and a fitness model at the end of the day. All these things drive him well in this tough world where he can be winning six figure rewards as his monthly earnings. He is exceptional in his work, which attracts clients towards him to try a number of things.

Being competitive in his communication skill, well versed with digital media and marketing stuff, and having expertise in the crypto world has made him earn well. His cool looks and good body also gave him the idea to enter into the modeling world. Being a fitness freak, he thought about being a fitness model. He intends to go a long way in this direction. He loves to get connected with people, has the knack of exploring people, culture and many more things that makes him a potential model in the long run.