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Starting from scratch is something that happens to most people who want to undertake their own projects. It is clear that everything seems to be very difficult at the beginning stages, but nobody said the difficulty is a synonym of the impossible and failure. Once you start working for a dream or goal, don’t stop, keep going, with an effort, you will surely be able to make many possible things that you want to achieve. Just take the first step and continue to move forward. When you feel that you have been at something for a long time and have not seen the result, do not give up and focus on your goal only. There are many people’s experiences that are motivating in this aspect. Such is the case of Kristian Tumidajewicz, known as Pengwin. With his lifestyle and profession, a young man motivates people to meet their goals to grow and move forward on their path.

On a numerical level in his sector, he is the most followed personality in Italy and the world. He represents a point of reference in the world of sports trading, so much so that he was also chosen as an expert in various television programs.

An Instagram profile with over 450,000 followers and a telegram channel with over 350,000 subscribers. He is 24 years old, and by now, he has been dealing with this profession for about 4 years, collecting consistent results over time. However, social people do not know him only for this reason. His history on the web is long, and it begins since he turned 18. He found his passion for the sport and the spring to give a turn in his life after having suffered so much in childhood for family and personal reasons. He represents for people a sort of motivator, of which they have been able to admire the path of growth over the years.

For them, he is ilpengwin, a winning penguin, winning in the work that has been created, winning in the mindset to face life in general. His business model is set on free content sharing, to be monetized then with partners.

He is the only one who does not ask anything to the people who follow him. He just shared his knowledge with the audience in a totally freeway. He differs from others because, in addition to work, he likes to convey to people his positive spirit and his approach to life and difficulties. Everyone can find a model in him to be inspired or at least draw positive ideas.

According to him, we are an army of enthusiasts. His business idea has always aimed not to get everything right away, but to build and then monetize more and more over time by asking business partners and not directly to the audience. 


A young talent in sports trade, Kristian Tumidajewicz, aka Kristian Pengwin, He is a sports analyst and sports trader. He analyzes and operates in the markets of sports events, mainly soccer. 

The young entrepreneur Kristian is an excellent example of success. His childhood didn’t turn out to be the best, and his family went through some difficulties, but he never loses hope and try to find positive in every situation. These circumstances didn’t stop him. When he started his project, he was able to look back, gain momentum, and thus embark on the path that has made him a successful young man. 

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