A Review of X39®, LifeWave’s Stem Cell Patch


The field of health and wellness is constantly evolving to help consumer’s live better lives. While this evolution takes many forms, one of the most prolific areas of study at the moment pertains to stem cells and how their increased performance can improve overall well-being. One of the most well-known companies to delve into this area of research is LifeWave, a leader in the field of regenerative science. We conducted a review of the company’s newest technology pertaining to stem cells to give readers a better idea of current advancements in this area.

Company Efforts

LifeWave was founded in 2004 on the strength of its phototherapy technology. The company’s big innovation in this space was designing topically applied patches that reflect specific wavelengths of light back into the user’s body. Each type of phototherapy patch is designed to have a specific effect on the body at the cellular level. These effects can create positive changes such as reduction in pain levels, improvement in quality of sleep and speedier recovery times after physical exertion. These benefits, confirmed through independent laboratory testing, are all achieved without the use of pharmaceuticals, which can carry the risk of unintended side effects.

One of the company’s earliest patches was the Energy Enhancer patch. This patch helps increase energy and stamina levels in users in a sustained and long-lasting way, unlike caffeine or other stimulants. The product helped the company gain national recognition when it was used by the women’s swim team at Stanford University in 2004. While using the patches, many members of the team achieved personal bests. The team also used the patches at their Olympic trials, where the company gained the attention of national news media.

Stem Cell Activation

The newest product to be released by the company is the X39® patch. The X39® patch works by activating stem cells in the body to produce powerful wellness benefits. As we age, the stem cells in our bodies become slower and less dysfunctional. The X39® patch works to reactivate those stem cells and reshape the metabolism of the body to enhance brain function and provide a wide spectrum of health benefits.

Our review of the product showed a marked ability to reverse many of the effects of aging, including improving skin appearance, decreasing recovery times after illness or injury, creating better sleep patterns and helping overcome many chronic conditions. In recent clinical studies, people using X39® showed an elevation of antioxidants and a decrease in inflammation in their bodies.

While health and wellness areas such as stem-cell activation are still in their infancy, the work already done by LifeWave shows plenty of progress. With the backing of strong test results and consistently positive reports from users, the X39® stem-cell patches, produced by the company, have the potential to change the entire landscape of age reversal in the future.

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