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Derek’s journey as an entrepreneur did not have easy beginnings. He left college to pursue a career in online business. Although he was passionate about the businesses since he was a child, working for other companies was not his aim. He always wanted to do something incredible that no one can think about. He had an entrepreneurial spirit and was willing to work hard to achieve his goals in the business. However, he also faced failures in his first six attempts to run a startup. Anyone would probably give up and get exhausted by this many failures, but he had something else and never lost hope in his mind. Seeing the mistakes as a learning opportunity and drawing the possible lessons from his efforts, he continually focused on starting over. This determination paid off later. After a trial and error process and constant testing along the way, he found a path to focus on and successfully achieved his goals that have so far become unstoppable. 

Derek James, an iconic entrepreneur, is an inspiration for people who want to start their business and become entrepreneurs. Derek’s success did not happen overnight. He spent years of effort before getting a successful business position and was able to create a strategy around training Virtual Assistants finally. What drove him towards success was his awareness of a looming sense of disconnections in the industry. He utilized his knowledge and experience in the business, which finally got him where he aimed to be.

He has been taking the e-commerce industry by storm with his new venture. VA Relief is a virtual assistant software, with which he enables brands to optimize their resources and ultimately reach their full potential. The virtual assistant takes tasks off the team’s plate and allows them to take their business to the next level. He always follows the path that offers him constant evolution, success, and the opportunity to grow and invest more and more every day. His most recent venture was with his friend and partner and their company Mayfair Global Ventures Corporation. 


As a youngster, he always was interested in business. It is not even solely monetary gain, but he loves building businesses from scratch. He started his career in sales right after his college and soon realized that he cannot achieve his goals by working for someone else. He knew that he has entrepreneurial skills and spent several attempts trying to get his businesses off the ground. He succeeded and finally ended up building an e-commerce tech startup. 

In the early days, he took a major leap of faith. He did not have a lot of money at that time. He was married at that time, and they had already their first child. Now he has a beautiful family, a wife and 3 children. He has been able to come into major categories on Amazon and compete with major brands with 10’s of thousands of reviews.