4sythetrading Review 2022 – Is it Legit, or a Scam? – Find Out!

In response to the continued prevalence of the cryptocurrency industry, crypto traders are being supplied with an ever-increasing choice of services aimed to simplify the trading process and assist traders of all skill levels in achieving consistent gains. 4sythetrading is a cryptocurrency trading platform that enables its users to employ automated trading bots, as well as to follow and mimic the actions of successful traders, as well as to establish and track top portfolios.

4sythetrading is a full-featured cryptocurrency and stock options trading platform that lets users employ trading bots, mimic automated signals so as to build their portfolios. The 4sythetrading cryptocurrency management software gives you access to a variety of tools that will help you increase your trading efficiency and effectiveness. The platform’s developers hope to reduce investors’ risks and restrict their exposure to losses while also increasing their profits.

4sythetrading is simple to operate, making it a suitable choice for crypto traders who are just getting started with trading bots. 4sythetrading also integrates with the majority of major cryptocurrency exchanges and provides a spot trading interface with risk management capabilities for manual trades.

Features of 4sythetrading

Smart Trading Feature

The Smart Trade interface is similar to that of an online Copytrading platform, with the exception that it is designed specifically for stock options and crypto trading. Smart Trade allows you to purchase and sell digital currency pairings while applying a few key risk management techniques. To begin, you can place automated stock option trades that last 24 hours and earn a profit of up to 0.8% on your investment.

Easy-to-use Interface

The service works well on mobile browsers, and the interface is designed out straightforwardly. Some users dislike the fact that you can’t use the dark UI mode. However, it has little effect on the interface’s overall simplicity.


4sythetrading is linked to some of the world’s Largest Crypto Exchanges like binance and has investments from some of the leading Venture capital firms in Hong Kong. Solana is heavily vested in the 4sythetrading project.

4sythetrading 24hr trading volume is currently averaged at 2 Billion USD and growing.


The 4sythetrading bot has the unusual ability to track any Stock options and cryptocurrency asset. Because of this, the tool may trade the most profitable position regardless of where it is positioned. You might not get the best-earning percentages right first, but with diligence you should spot good bots to copy and earn around 25% a month on average


API keys connection, two-factor verification, no withdrawals to bots, and other security features were implemented by the developers. All these are to ensure maximum security for the users of the platform. It is also secured by fireblock softwares. The CEO of 4sythetrading Mr Katsumi Han is also a well vested CEO in the Trading industry and has assembled the best team to take the company to greater heights as reflected in their recent 1 Billion USD valuation.

Affiliate opportunities

If you own a trading academy and would like to profit by showing your students how to trade, you can earn daily income from your downlines trades. 4sythetrading pays 0.2% of your downlines daily trade size automatically to your account. E.g if your downline is trading with 10000 USD, you are paid 20$ from each trade their bot places. Note their bots trade daily. So you could earn a good return of 600$ monthly from just one downline!

How to Trade?

To trade on the platform, You have to fund your trading account using bitcoin or a stable coin like USDC. Once funded, a trader can find signals in the stock signals tab or cryptocurrency signals tab.

Once a trader identifies a buy or strong buy signal. The trader can proceed to trade the asset in the markets section. The Trade is automated and runs for 24 hours. At the end of the trade. A trader should earn between 0.5 to 0.8% of their capital.


The Dashboard of 4sythetrading is simple to use, and users can choose from a variety of trading bots. There is also a wealth of instructional content as well as thorough metrics on the bots’ performance. The system is well-integrated, and it can be used on a variety of crypto currency instruments

Undoubtedly, 4sythetrading provides access to unique trading bots which are not available on other trading platforms

Visit https://4sythetrading.com to start trading, sign up, copy a bot and earn daily